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16 unique things to do in Hanoi

9 min readPublished Sep 26, 2021

Both stubbornly traditional and forward-looking, bustling Hanoi often confounds first-time visitors. Here are the top things to do while you're there.

JANUARY 21, 2018: People eating at a street café in the old quarter of Hanoi.
Food and drink

Where to get the best street food in Hanoi

7 min readPublished Jun 23, 2021

The best food in Hanoi is often the cheapest.

Local food cooked in a street restaurant in Hanoi old town, Vietnam.
Travel writing

Life on the tracks: my 2 years living on Hanoi Train Street

7 min readPublished Mar 27, 2020

How one writer made her home in Vietnam's most famous street.

Life on the tracks: my 2 years living on Hanoi Train Street
Food and drink

Vietnam tips: a first-timer's guide

6 min readPublished Aug 12, 2019

There's a lot to love about travelling in Vietnam, which stretches from the soaring mountains and fascinating ethnic groups of the north to the endless…

A boat on Halong Bay, Vietnam
Adventure travel

Visiting Halong Bay: tips to plan your cruise

7 min readPublished Apr 18, 2019

Dotted with jagged limestone pinnacles, Halong Bay is one of Vietnam’s biggest attractions. The vast majority of its 10 million visitors a year arrive…

Halong Bay