Green Lake Park

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in Green Lake & Fremont
Image by Tom Mareschal / Getty Images
Image by Tom Mareschal / Getty Images

A favorite hunting ground for runners, personal trainers and artistically tattooed sunbathers, scenic Green Lake Park surrounds a small natural lake created by a glacier during the last ice age. The paths that wind around the lake are usually well used by those on foot and wheels of every variety, and make for some of the best people- (and dog-) watching in the city.

In the early 1900s, city planners lowered the lake’s water level by 7ft, increasing the shoreline to preserve parkland around the lake. After the lowering, however, Ravenna Creek, which once fed the lake, no longer flowed through. Green Lake became stagnant and filled with stinky green algae. Massive dredging efforts to keep it navigable continue, although the lake remains prone to algae blooms.