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When is the best time to go to The Bahamas

6 min readPublished Apr 29, 2022

With warm weather that never fades and an abundance of unique islands to explore, picking the best time to visit the Bahamas may get tricky. Here's our guide.

Sunrise over the sea in Nassau, Bahamas

Top 14 things to do in The Bahamas involve beaches, waterslides and conch

7 min readPublished Jan 21, 2022

With 16 major islands and 100,000 sq mi of some of the world’s clearest water, there’s no shortage of adventuring to be had in The Bahamas.

Over/under view showing divers performing giant stride entry into the clear calm waters of the Atlantic ocean.

How to get around the Bahamas

4 min readPublished Jun 23, 2021

Though getting around the Bahamas requires a bit of planning, you'll definitely be rewarded with white-sand beaches and fun water activities.

A colorful image of the waterfront area in downtown Nassau showing a water taxi and several huts.
Family holidays

Best things to do with kids in the Bahamas

4 min readPublished Jun 8, 2021

From Mayan-themed water parks on Paradise Island to wildlife sanctuaries, the Bahamas offers a fun bit of kid-friendly excitement.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

Do you need a visa to go to the Bahamas

4 min readPublished May 28, 2021

The Bahamas is one of the most sought-after Caribbean retreats in the world. Here's what you need to know about getting a visa.

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