Yoda Guy Movie Exhibit

Museum in Philipsburg

This 1st-floor museum is the brainchild of makeup artist Nick Maley, whose role in creating Yoda of Star Wars fame garnered him the nickname 'That Yoda Guy'. It winds though a whirlwind of rotating movie memorabilia that may include Han Solo frozen in carbonite, celebrity lifecasts from Marlon Brando to Michael Jackson, and a robotic Yoda puppet alongside photos, props, scripts, vintage posters, storyboards, and items from other films Maley has worked on including Men in Black, Alien, Terminator and Hellraiser.

The unexpectedness of encountering such a museum in Sint Maarten is summed up by the sign held by C-3PO on the staircase up to the museum, which reads: 'R2-D2 says "The probability of finding a Star Wars exhibit in the Caribbean is 125,316 to 1."' If Maley is around, he will autograph any gift-shop purchase over $20.