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Art and culture

Dakar: Senegal's city of rhythm

8 min readPublished Sep 18, 2019

In Dakar reggae resounds through subterranean hideaways, clubs throb with world beats and homegrown pop, and sounds of the djembe and kora are as vital as ever.

Adiouza, whose melodic pop is influenced by roots music, in her sitting room, with a portrait of her father, the musician Ousmane Diallo, alias Ouza © Emmanuelle Andrianjafy / Lonely Planet
Adventure travel

Île de Gorée: the perfect Dakar day trip

5 min readPublished Aug 29, 2018

One of West Africa’s most dynamic cities, Dakar offers a dizzying mix of sun-kissed beaches, colourful markets and mbalax-fueled nightclubs where snappily…

Looking out from the beach to the sea, the left side of the image has a couple of traditional piroques on the sand, which are backed by bright red historical buildings (two storeys) and trees © Tuul & Bruno Morandi / Getty Images
Food and drink

Dining in Dakar: the 10 best restaurants

5 min readPublished Oct 25, 2016

With their generous servings of fresh grilled fish with Creole sauce, or sophisticated French or Lebanese-influenced dishes, Dakar’s restaurants will…

Dining in Dakar: the 10 best restaurants