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Adventure travel

Trek to these 9 hike-in lodges in the US for a stunning nature respite

6 min readPublished May 3, 2022

These hike-in lodges offer access to some of the most remote parts of the US without sacrificing the comforts of home.

Rocking chairs invite relaxation with a view of the Smoky Mountains.
Art and culture

Star Wars: May the force be with you at these filming locations

7 min readPublished Apr 28, 2022

Feel the force of Star Wars: a guide to visiting the earthbound destinations once featured in a galaxy far, far away.

Tatooine planet landscape abandoned sets for shooting Star Wars movie in Sahara desert. Sahara, Tunisia, May 2016
National Parks

10 best scenic drives in US national parks

8 min readPublished Apr 8, 2022

Many US national parks are best seen from your car – really. Get the best overview of the wilderness with these drives.

Glacier National Park, Montana, USA - August 2, 2016: Visitors to Glacier National Park touring the park along the breathtaking "Going To The Sun Road" in cars or in park tour buses. The scenic road wind through the national park along steep mountain cliffs and valleys.
Food and drink

Eat your way through these 8 unexpected US foodie destinations

10 min readPublished Mar 22, 2022

From counter-service lunches to upscale eateries, here's a sample platter of unexpected foodie destinations in the USA.

Snake River Grill
Wildlife and nature

Where to find the USA's 12 newest national parks

10 min readPublished Mar 15, 2022

So you know the most popular US national parks, but what about the 12 newest? Here's where to find them.

A woman perched on a rocky outcrop looks out over the New River Gorge Bridge in Wild West Virginia.  A moody sky and foggy river below add drama.