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Star Wars: May the force be with you at these filming locations

7 min readPublished Apr 28, 2022

Feel the force of Star Wars: a guide to visiting the earthbound destinations once featured in a galaxy far, far away.

Tatooine planet landscape abandoned sets for shooting Star Wars movie in Sahara desert. Sahara, Tunisia, May 2016
Adventure travel

Our favorite lesser-known neighborhoods in the world's greatest cities

8 min readPublished Sep 13, 2021

Tap into the pulsing energy of lesser-known neighborhoods in major cities with this list of the hottest happenings now.

Unidentified B-boy break dancers perform in the street for the crowd. Hip Hop battle at an informal street dance meet.
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The world's 7 best new long-distance hikes to do in 2020

4 min readPublished Jan 7, 2020

Several new multi-day hikes have launched that provide exclusive access to previously inaccessible areas featuring virgin landscapes and unique cultures.

The Juliana Trail takes in the Soča River as it circumnavigates Triglav National Park © Tomas1706 / Getty Images

Where to go in October

4 min readPublished Dec 24, 2019

From the wildlife-packed plains of Tanzania to the ancient architecture of Petra in Jordan, here are the best places to visit in October.

A first glimpse of Petra's rock-hewn ancient city © Kanuman / Shutterstock
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Why you should make a stopover in Qatar

4 min readPublished Dec 9, 2019

Qatar has earned its place on the tourist map, positioning itself as a vibrant and welcoming destination. Here's why you should make a short stopover.

Doha, Qatar, Persian Gulf countries