Temple of Hibis

Temple in Al Kharga

The town of Hebet (‘the Plough’, now corrupted into Hibis) was the capital of the oasis in antiquity, but all that remains today is the well-preserved limestone Temple of Hibis. Once sitting on the edge of a sacred lake, the temple was dedicated to Amun of Hibis (the local version of the god, who was sometimes given solar powers, becoming Amun-Ra).

Amun-Hibis appears here with his usual companions Mut and Khons. Look for reliefs in the hypostyle hall showing the god Seth battling with the evil serpent Apophis. There’s also an avenue of sphinxes, a court and an inner sanctuary. Construction of the temple began during the 25th dynasty, though the decorations and a colonnade were added over the following 300 years. It’s 2km north of town, just to the left of the main road; pick-ups (LE1) heading to Al Munira pass this way.