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Destination Practicalities

Heading to Dubrovnik for the first time? Here are 14 things every local knows

6 min readPublished Jun 21, 2022

Don't take your coffee to go, avoid PDA, and other tips for first-time travelers to Dubrovnik.

Two people walking through Dubrovnik and casting long shadows, seen from above
Public Transport

Getting around Dubrovnik is easy with these top travel tips

9 min readPublished Jun 19, 2022

Tucked between Mt Srđ and the sea, Dubrovnik scores highly for its stunning natural setting. Here are the best ways to get around the Pearl of the Adriatic.

View over the red roofs of Dubrovnik's old town at dusk
Budget Travel

Dubrovnik on a budget: 12 ways to keep your Croatian kuna in your pocket

7 min readPublished Jun 14, 2022

Do more and spend less: How to make the most of Dubrovnik without going broke.

Woman Walking Towards Pile Gate Entrance to Old Town Dubrovnik - stock photo

The 7 best parks in Dubrovnik: a guide to the city's green spaces

6 min readPublished Jun 11, 2022

Locating Dubrovnik's top parks isn't always easy – they often seem hidden away, in the most obvious yet well-concealed spots. Here's where to find them.

Caucasian woman standing on park wall photographing cityscape - stock photo

Dubrovnik itineraries: make the most of your time in one of Croatia's favorite ancient cities

6 min readPublished Jun 9, 2022

Plan your time in Dubrovnik with these itineraries for a two-, three- or four-day trip.

DUBROVNIK, CROATIA - 26 AUGUST 2015 - Top view of Old Town seen in the wall tour; Shutterstock ID 333967037; your: Claire naylor; gl: 65050; netsuite: Online ed; full: Dubrovnik itineraries