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Ruins, reefs, romantic beaches and more of the best places to visit in Central America

9 min readPublished May 3, 2022

Planning a trip to Central America? Read up on our picks of the can’t-miss places to visit in the region, from coral reefs to Mayan ruins and beyond.

Built around 700 AD, the 57 metre high pyramid of Temple V in Tikal was one of the tallest and most voluminous buildings in the Maya world.
Sustainable Travel

Where to stay in Central America for a truly sustainable adventure

6 min readPublished May 1, 2022

You wouldn't want to spoil Central America's tropical shores, ancient ruins and pristine jungles! Here are the best places to stay for a sustainable escape.

Views over unspoiled tropical scenes are part of the package at eco-lodges such as Lush Atitlan
National Parks

The 10 best national parks in Central America offer sea turtles, Mayan pyramids and volcanoes

6 min readPublished Apr 20, 2022

Our list of the best national parks in Central America includes sloth jungles in Costa Rica, turtle-filled oceans in Guatemala and much more.

Volcano crater eruption with flowing lava and smoke.  The Masaya Volcano near Managua, Nicaragua main crater after sunset.; Shutterstock ID 1071081989; your: -; gl: -; netsuite: -; full: -

Central America's best places to snorkel and scuba dive

6 min readPublished Apr 17, 2022

From budget-conscious beginners to certified divers, if you’re looking for the best places to snorkel and dive in Central America, start with these eight sites.

The underwater world of Cocos Island - scuba diver taking underwater pictures

The 7 best places to see wildlife in Central America

8 min readPublished Apr 7, 2022

Where can you glimpse whales in the Pacific, spy stalking jaguars in the jungle, and swim coral reefs? Central America is a wildlife-lovers paradise.

Keel-billed Toucan (Ramphastos sulfuratus), on a branch in the forest of Costa Rica.