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Getting a job in Antarctica may not be as impossible as you think

5 min readPublished Apr 14, 2022

Want to visit Antarctica but can't afford the price tag? There may be another way.

Summer sunset in Antarctica
Adventure travel

The most challenging adventure activities to tackle in Antarctica

4 min readPublished Apr 7, 2022

Any trip to Antarctica is an adventure, but some operators provide opportunities to go that little bit further – on the water and on the ice.

Ice climbing within Mount Erebus steam cave, Ross Island © Cavan / Alamy Stock Photo
Adventure travel

How to pack for a trip to Antarctica

6 min readPublished Apr 7, 2022

Heading on a cruise or expedition to Antarctica? Here's everything you need to pack for a once-in-a-lifetime trip.

Even travel minimalists can squeeze everything you need to pack for Antarctica into your suitcase © Angela Ballard / Lonely Planet
Adventure travel

Is it sustainable to visit Antarctica?

7 min readPublished Apr 5, 2022

What do we, as conscientious travelers, need to consider when looking for a tour operator that values penguins over profits? 

Leopard seal on ice flow Crystal Sound Antarctic Pennisula.

This is your brain on Antarctica: penguins, icebergs, and a lifetime supply of awe

17 min readPublished Apr 4, 2022

On a trip to Antarctica, editor-at-large Sebastian Modak found himself in a perpetual state of awe.

Day 4: Port Charcot/Pleneau Bay