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Wildlife and nature

Where to go in June for wildlife and nature

5 min readPublished Apr 8, 2022

Walk on the wild side with these animal encounters that invite you to get up close and personal with some of the planet’s most incredible wildlife.

Kwitonda gorilla sitting in amongst jungle foliage.
Wildlife and nature

South Africa safaris for first-timers: 8 things to know before you book

8 min readPublished Oct 5, 2021

Get excited but also be prepared for adventure. Here's what you need to know prior to your first South African safari.

South Africa, Safari in Kruger National Park - African Elephants
Sustainable travel

The most epic overnight train journeys in the world

5 min readPublished Sep 20, 2021

If you have a long way to go, don’t just jump on a plane. Night trains are a more fun, eco-friendly way to travel.

Young woman lies on the bed and looks through the window of the sleeper train crossing picturesque Tibet. Female tourist observing the landscape while traveling along the Trans-Himalayan railway.
Wildlife and nature

Where to go on your first safari in Africa

6 min readPublished Dec 11, 2020

If you’ve never before been to Africa, you’ve much to look forward to. But choosing where to go on your first safari is quite daunting. Here is our guide.

In the Masai Mara cheetah are known to use safari vehicles to help them hunt by getting a better vantage © Pedro Helder Pinheiro / Shutterstock

A Lonely Planet photographer shares secrets for taking that perfect shot

4 min readPublished Dec 2, 2020

To celebrate Lonely Planet’s new book The Perfect Shot, we caught up with photographer Philip Lee Harvey to find out what his most memorable images are.

Machu Picchu (left); sea turtles in Indonesia (center); Ethiopia (right) © Philip Lee Harvey / Lonely Planet